LWA Fiduciary


Only about half of all workers are participating in a workplace retirement plan of any kind.


A significant percentage of Retirement Plan executives continue to be unaware of their role as fiduciaries. 


In the 401(k)/403(b) world, the message is clear. Retirement plan sponsors and participants alike want someone to help them navigate all of the ins and outs of managing their plan and the assets within them. They're seeking workable guidance on what needs to be done and how to do it. All the while, keeping an eagle eye on expenses.

At LWA Fiduciary, an arm of Linden Wealth Advisors, LLC, our retirement plan specialists deliver affordable, customized services to those tasked with delivering ERISA-compliant retirement plans.  We are Independent and product agnostic. This gives us the agility to harness the power and expertise of a broad menu of partners to ensure that each client enjoys a customized experience.

In addition to Retirement plan management, the team at LWA Fiduciary provides participant education, personalized liaison services and fiduciary training to help make it easier for business owners, executives and human resource professionals to meet their fiduciary responsibilities and for participants to make thoughtful decisions.