Elena Dixon, Principal/Financial Advisor, Linden Wealth Advisors

Personal Finance is about more than having a well-allocated investment portfolio or savvy tax strategy. It's about people and their goals and dreams and the things that may keep them from getting where they'd like to go.

It's about the value messages we send our children, the way we use or abuse money, it's about how we use our hard earned income to impact the world around us. It's about psychology and social cues and managing risk. And it's as much a part of the fabric of our lives as health and family.

There's no one-size-fits-all solution. And it's not just a matter of dollars and cents. I take a very personalized, consultative approach to each client's challenges, using a combination of sophisticated strategy and a down-to-earth, whole-life financial planning.

As an independent, fee-based advisor, I provide a spectrum of whole-life financial solutions to individuals and families, group retirement plan management, employee financial wellness programs for business owners and non-profit retirement plans, and portfolio management to endowments, trusts and those looking to enhance their philanthropic impact.


Elena Dixon, ChFC®, CPFA, CAP®   

Financial Advisor and Retirement Plan Specialist

Linden Wealth Advisors, LLC/ LWA Fiduciary